Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's So Damn Hot. Milk Was a Bad Choice.

I used to keep a dream journal, or at least a collection of papers next to my bed in case I woke up after an outstanding dream so that I could write it down immediately. Because we all now how fast you'll forget the details if you don't. Which I find very strange. But anywho. I had one of those outstanding dreams last night and woke up at the end wanting to record it. But thanks to my slobitha ways, the early hour of the morning, and not to mention the brief hyperventilation, paper and pen was no where to be found. So I just banked on remembering it. And I do. So here it is:

It started off that I was in this underground tunnel (like the kind you drive through) and I was standing there trying to put a poster up on the sticky wall. Also the tunnel was very green. Dim lighted and a mossy color. I noticed suddenly a man standing not too far from me in a nice gray suit, a briefcase and nice short curls for his hair. He approaches me with an innocent and friendly voice, asking if I need help. I say, "No, but thanks, I got it." Then my poster fell down again. You know who my new friend was? Will Ferrell! I haven't seen the movie yet, but from what I understood in my dream is that I was conversing with him as his character in the new movie "Stranger Than Fiction." So off we went, out the tunnel, talking about things I can't remember. But him being nice and me being funny. Ha. So he tells me that on his way home he would like to visit his Grandmother. She lives in a hotel. I agree to go. We enter her hotel room, and she is a very large woman but looks no older than Will. I remember that being weird. But not as weird as her HUGE porn collection! The woman was so large she stayed in bed all day at this hotel and had a collection of porn DVD's! She didn't even seem like she was interested in watching them, just wanted to collect them. Odd I say. So then we leave, and I depart from Will to go scuba diving. I go scuba diving in this narrow but extremely deep body of water. It's almost like a cylindrical tube of ocean. I'm down at the bottom watching an Orca give birth to twins, and I am so in awe of it I forget to check my air. I look up to see my diving instructor Lasse from when I was in the British Virgin Islands reaching out his hands to bring me up, but I couldn't make it. I slowly ran out of air and my vision tunneled in. I am assuming I died in my dream because I instantly woke up after that part. Which is also very odd. Did I wake up because I died and I wasn't able to dream anymore? Or did I wake up because I was scared that I was dying in my dream? Interesting none the less.

However what I have been noticing in these outstanding dreams is a slight re-occuring theme. Famous people! My most memorable dreams have, to date, included Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Elvis Costello and Rod Stewart (I once posted about that dream as well) and now Will Ferrel.

You're invited to the party in my brain.


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