Tuesday, December 05, 2006

She Will Be Mine, Oh Yes, She Will Be Mine

So you know what I did? Well yes, some of you know, but I am still a little shocked at myself for doing it. Mostly because what I've done, is something I indulge into in my own privacy. When no one is home and the mood is right...

I sang. I sang outloud. I sang outloud into a microphone. I sang outloud into a microphone in front of real live people. Aliens maybe, but creatures with a complete nervous system no doubt. And No, it wasn't karaoke. I have been practicing with friends Niall and Bobby, the guitars, on a weekly basis as we try to string together songs of interest to practice and play and sing. I am Mick Jagger and they are Keith Richards. We practice acoustically or with a low volumed amp so as to not drive people completely mad with the repetition. So we got a few songs down pat, through and through and then almost as if Freddie Mercury was looking down on us from Rock 'n' Roll Heaven, we were given a chance to play with loud amps and microphones. A beam of sunshine breaks through the clouds right about here. And I'm singing a poorly sung opera-pitched note.

So what I thought was a friend hooking us up with a venue to loudly and practice in, turned out to be a private function of about 20-ish people! With a sound guy! It was very casual; people jamming on stage, drinking, et cetera, but not what I was expecting. I thought I'd be singing to my "band-mates" alone, who I had finally become comfortable singing around. A big deal, this may not seem, but I was nervous. I sing alone, not sure even if I can, knowing though that I can at least maintain a note. And here were people to hear me! Ack! But this I would not let scare me away. I took a deep green breath, hopped on stage, shook but did not stir, and sang my first song. And after one bluesy rendition of Revolution, I wanted more. And more I sang.

And again, I want more. I had so much incredible fun being part of it all. It was the greatest kind of adrenaline rush thus far. It reminded me of being in band at school. Everyone doing their own one thing that makes such a huge impact on the overall sound. Everyone's grooving and listening to each other. Man, making music just fucking rocks.


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Kickass! I'm sorry I missed it.

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