Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jiving Us That We Was Voodoo

By popular demand (and death threats), I have finally posted a bunch of my summer pics onto my yahoo photo page. Check them out HERE

Meanwhile, I will post a select few of my favorites on my dear old blog. Enjoy!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Waiting For My Ruca

There is a spider building his web inside my window. He’s quite tiny and his web is very well made. Very tight. The kind of web I would definitely build for myself if I was a spider. I only wish I could tell him that he doesn’t have a great location. It’s all about location. But frankly, inside my window where the curtains are mostly closed is not an optimal area for food catching. But I can not tell him. Being as tiny as he is though, I bet he did not want to travel too far looking for a prime location. Anywheres is better than dead. I bid him good luck. I’ll probably end up feeding him. The unwanted mosquitos and fruit flies are going to him. Maybe I’ll leave my curtains open more often. Good luck buddy.

Oh and the Bad Luck Day. Yesterday was Ashley’s Total Bad Luck Day. And who do I blame? Who do I condemn as the finger that knocked over the first domino? Gord Downie that’s who. It all started when Gord Downie stole my pen. I served him and his family at the resort yesterday, and even though I had criminal thoughts whilst running his Platinum Gold Visa through the machine, I didn’t follow through. And what does he do in return? Steal my god damn pen. I need my pens at work. I lend them to customers to sign their credit card receipts so they can give me tips and fill out entertaining comment cards. He stole it. Gone forever. He’s probably signing autographs with that pen now. Bastard. I digress. After Gord stole my pen, lunch was finished up and I went back to the cottage to get ready for SCUBA DIVING! This was my second attempt at getting out because the first time was cancelled due to uncooperative weather. So I rescheduled a dive for Wednesday evening. Very very excited I was. Then the dive shop calls. Today’s dive is cancelled due to not enough people. And it was a beautiful day out. Perfect. But I was denied once again. So to cheer myself up, Dave and I headed to the beach to get in some good swimming if it not be scubaing. The sun shining on our walk down, nice and hot for a swim. THEN who decides to cloud over? The sky! So getting colder and cloudier we depart the ocean from our short dip and head back to the cottage. Let’s play Frisbee we say! So Frisbee we play and WHO decides to start raining!? The clouds! God diggity damn it! They are all out to get me. Gord, the Dive Shop, the Sky and the Clouds. All out to get me. So in lieu of it all, we decided to go eat dinner at the restaurant (because you know, we really weren’t at work enough as it was that day. That Bad luck Wednesday) and get drunk. On wine. And watched Super Troopers.

By the way, all that previously read was written last Thursday. Since then I can no longer find the spider. Also it turns out Gord Downie didn't steal my pen. I found it yesterday which means there is a good chance he returned it on his way home to Tragically Hip Land. A very good chance. Thanks bud.