Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bill, This is ALL Your Fault

RAAAWWRR! I hate stupid fucking computers! They are the downfall to society. Right here. This moronic idiot box. Sitting in front of me and that I've been staring at all day. I finally finished my 9 page paper on Barn Swallows and now it won't print. All I want is for it to print. That's it! Why is it no longer acceptable to pass in assignments in clearly printed hand writing? What is so wrong with that? That's how everyone did it up till the mid-90's. I want to go back to those days. Maybe even the cave man days. Where they passed their assignments in on chisled slate. Yeah...those were the days.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tsk Tsk Tsk

From a girl who can barely keep one blog on the go, I decided to update my movie blog once again. I've had it for like over 2 years now and often go on long hiatus'. That doesn't mean I stop watching moviesduring that time, because I am a movie fiend, I just get lazy and don't feel like writing about them. But I feel like it time to return and update my original blog, as well as this one. So read away, link it if you must: www.ilikemovies.blogspot.com

This is what happens when final exams approach. Suddenly I have time for EVERYTHING and then some.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Letter P

Today I had enough. My favorite pair of jeans had formed a hole on the inner thigh quite some time ago. I did not care. No one could see it. And a nice breeze on the inner thigh once in a while never hurt anyone. But today, realizing that the hole is getting out of hand and that these same pair of jeans have faded into an almost acid-washed texture (not mention all the other pairs of jeans I own), I decided to get some new ones.

I know I am one of those people. The Triple P's. Those Picky Pants Purchasers. I could try on a bajillion pairs of pants and not find one that I am happy with. There needs to be proper length first of all. And for those who are appendagely challenged, like myself, It is rather hard to find pants that you don't have to roll up 4 inches. Then comes the waist. You don't want it too tight as to have the love handles rolling over your belt. But not too loose either, so that one can excentuate the curves that their body may have. I am fond of the hip-hugger style as they truely do hug your hips and a belt is rarely needed for these types of pants. Which makes me happy because I am not a fan of belts. Let us not forget the price. Being cheap and poor, 40 dollars is my pants price limit. And I'll only spend 40 if they look super bootylicious.

The factor that affects me the most however it the buttocks. I will NOT buy a pair of pants if the butt doesn't feel comfortable. Even if all of the above are absolutely perfect. One has to walk, sit, dance, bend, and function with your butt, therefore it must feel comfortable and at home. I find that many pants do not accomadate a pertruding buttocks. Many have a squishing effect that cause your butt to look flat. This I do not like for many reasons. One, it is terribly uncomfortable...bending and sitting become a task rather than a natural process. Two, it usually causes Thong Exposure Syndrome. This is where any sort of bending/sitting results in the rest of the room knowing what color you underwear is and where you bought it. Thirdly, it just looks funny.

So in my attempt I headed to Bluenotes with Karen to purchase the perfect, proper fitting pair of pants. I took about 12 pairs into the dressing room (which I continued to lock myself out of 3 times!). My expectations were low as I tried them all on with no winners. So I took a final gander on the sales rack (while I was waiting for someone to unlock my dressing room door again) and BABOOM! The 2 I picked fit (almost) perfectly. I scored a pair of jeans and a pair of cords. Not only are they cords though....they are pink cords. Close to hot pink even. And I love them. I don't wear pink a lot but I couldn't resist. The only thing I fear with these is my inability to match clothing. So if you see me out in my hot pink cords and an olive green shirt...tell me I look stunning. Even if it hurts to look.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Nature....That's Why I Come Up Here

Ashley Dunsford, BSc. That looks so fucking weird. And come May, that is what I will be. Ashley Dunsford, BSc. I honestly can't believe that I graduate this year from 4 years of university. Does anyone else find this odd? I still feel like a kid. I suppose I still am really. I am only 21. But still so strange. I still think that other people do these kind of things, but not me. I'll just watch it all happen.

A BSc won't get me too far, I know. I'll need a masters for sure to persue a science career. It will happen someday I imagine. Just not right away. Seeing that graduation isn't that far away, I do have my next few years, somewhat, planned. Nothing is concrete mind you, but the ideas are there and it is what I want to do. It's a start anyways.

I'm going to do my best to get a science related job after school. The money is good. I'll probably work 3 jobs I'm assuming to pay off things and make profit as well. Meanwhile I am thinking of returning to school, part-time, and take music. I miss my baritone so badly. I really want to play again. In the summer of 2005, I want to get more scuba diving credentials so I can become an instructor. Then after teaching English in Japan in 2006, I'll move to New Zealand/ Hawaii/ Carribean and teach scuba diving lessons.

Someday after all my travels and adventures, I will buy a sailboat, and hire you all as my crew and we'll go on sailing adventures and see lots of dolphins. But with my luck, we won't see lots of dolphins and I will die without ever seeing one. They still remain a mythical creature to me. Like Unicorns. And Dragons. Maybe I'll invent a game called Dungeons and Dolphins.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sauvignon Blanc Sil Vous Plait

It has been quite a week. A week full of school work and Wave work. After spending most of my week either studying, reading, writing, and working, I wanted to reward myself with a night out. For some reason it feels like it has been forever. Slighty alcoholic? Maybe. But who isn't these days? Right?

I called Tash and we headed out for night of "classiness." We went to her place to get dressed. I was going to borrow one of her long skirts, but it made feel, and look, like one of those christian girls who can only wear long skirts and braid their hair. I put my jeans back on. Tash and I tried to go as twins as we both sported a floral button-up shirt and pants, along with our "earthy" necklaces.

We went to the Gahan house to begin. I once again ordered my lucky 3 rye and gingers, Tash her wine. As Tash is ordering the bartender asks, " Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc?" He pronounced "sauvignon blanc" in a way we both didn't understand (probably real French) and Tash, not knowing what he said, replies hesitantly, "Not Chardonnay?"

We sat along the wall thinking of methods of how to get the extremely drunk boys at the bar to buy us drinks. There was mild flirtage, but nothing I was interested in following up on. We headed to 42nd Street.

We sat there conversing, I with my rye and ginger, and Chris showed up, a little loopy, and ordered me a DOUBLE rye and ginger. And then another. Needless to say, I was a little drunk.

Good times as always with my Gland (Tash). She told me of her European adventures. Leave it to her to end up finding 2 guys named Fabio and travelling with them.

Now onto another week of school work. But only 3 more remain. How crazy is that? And then just one more semester is left of my undergraduate career. Terrifying. I need to get grad pictures. Will Heckbert's force me to wear make-up again? Damn oily face. Maybe I'll show up pre-powdered to spare me the embarassment.