Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Electric Ladyland

There it went. My first week of work. My first week of cottage life. My first beached whale sighting. I can't help but think that this place is going to have "The Shining" effect on me. You know, get cabin fever, go crazy, try to kill people. I joke. I like to imagine. But seriously.

Work is crazy. It's fun. It's high paced. Stressful at moments. Then it goes away. I serve fancy people their fancy food and they like me for it. I am far from fancy. These menial tasks are important to these people. I am here to make their vacation pleasant. Ha. And they like me for it.

There are many interesting characters out there. My favorite being Crazy Carl the groundskeeper. He's a recognized artist and potter and loves to play frisbee. Recovering alcoholic. He has a T-shirt that says "Communism, Athienism, and Free Love." He gave us a clay pot and an eagle feather for our cottage. And Krazy Kim who tells you her life story within the first five minutes of meeting her. Wide-eyed and never seems to blink. Talks rapid. There are no mysteries about Kim.

The cottage is great. It's so quiet and so dark at night. I've been reading like mad. Smoke doob on the front porch. Thoroughly enjoying the lone walks to the beach at night. Thoroughly enjoyed the whale. One would think I should be sleeping soundly, but my bed is less than accomodating. I can feel every individual spring. I need an egg crate. An egg crate!? An egg crate.

Well my time in town has been a hoot. It has included a mini pubcrawl with my Fruit Salad, a FABULOUS dress from How Bazaar, and Victoria Row goodness. My old friend Luke was home for a short visit and we had a glorious time. We got the old posse together and walked down to the UR Welcome for ice cream. I haven't done that in years. I drank beers, ate wings, and rode on a motorcycle. Like honestly, how come summer is so awesome?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tell Me Are You a Bad Fish Too?

Here I have found myself in another small adventure. I'd like to call it an adventure. For the next four months, I will be living on the North Shore of PEI at my place of employment. Out of reach from technology. And without a car. I love it. The outdoors being my entertainment. I will miss the Charlottetown summer life and the splendor of it all, but hey, it's good to shake things up once in a while. And really, I can not complain. I'll be in town whenever I can make it in, otherwise, YOU have to come visit me. That's right. I have a beach and a lake and bike trails all within 2 minutes away.

My posts may be few and far inbetween, but I guarantee, I will have some good ones. So please, don't be shy and come see me whenever you like. It's the first cottage on the left.

And on that note, I bid you all a fabulous summer and please, make sure to do crazy and unexpected things. Rock and roll.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

We'll Kill the Fatted Calf Tonight, So Stick Around

Ok, I am pretty sure I have a problem. And by problem I mean addiction. Cheese product. My weakness.

I wrote that previous sentence 10 minutes ago. I was busy eating cream cheese and triscuits. I seriously cannot get enough. When I come home I go to the fridge and grab a couple Kraft cheese slices. They are so effing good. And when you bite into them they make the perfect outline of your teeth. Just like when cartoons eat apples.

Then the cream cheese. To wash down the cheese single, I eat cream cheese and crackers. Thick cream cheese. The texture, the taste. GAH! Montreal provided me with the infamous Curd, which I ate like chips while I was there. I love the SQUEEK SQEEK of the Curd. I don't like gravy but I love poutine because of the Curd. And Burger King seems to be the only place I have encountered on PEI that sells poutine with real Curd. Let me know if I am wrong.

Goat cheese is a newer one for me but it's really good. Spreadable for crackers, great on pizza. Oh and Baby Bel's! Cheddar, mozza, swiss, gouda...oh my! What really boggles me is that not 2 years ago, I barely even liked cheese. I wouldn't even eat the nachos that had cheese on them. Mozza sticks were disgusting. Curds SICKED me out solid. Eventually my tastebuds realized they were missing out on something fantastic.

Thankness for cows and all their dairy glory.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Baby Got Sauce

Well I am back on the rock after a lovely little vacation to la grande ville. Montreal, what can I say? I loved it. It is a fabulous city, and I am not one to tell a big city that it's fabulous. But I really did enjoy it beyond my expectations. Maybe I am a little biased because I seem to have a soft spot for Quebec in general.

I did all the touristy things I wanted to do, except I didn't make it to a strip joint. I pondered about going to the Super Sexe in mid-day and ordering a steak and beans. I thought that would be the classiest thing to do. But chickened out as I approached the bouncer standing on the sidewalk. So instead I visited the Biodome, the Insectarium, Les Jardins Botanique, Musee des Beaux Arts, strolled the McGill campus, Old Montreal, the Bell Center, went to Old Quebec for the weekend, ate REAL poutine, and le shopping. Oh, and drank beer. Lots of beer. Photos for your viewing pleasure, click HERE. I love rhyming.

But my favorite thing to do when I go to a new place is to walk, walk, walk. I like to challenge myself in getting to know the area so that I use the map less and less. So I walked. A LOT. Not only do you get to know your surroundings, but you get to people watch. Which is one of my faves. In the big city though, you can definitely be over-stimulated as there are people doing crazy things everywhere.

I suppose it was the atmosphere of it all that I loved. The lifestyle. The bilingualism. The anonymity. The French eating habits. Le Metro. Je l'aime.

Now I am home, and nothing makes me swoon more than seeing the red dirt cliffs coming over the Bridge. I am here for the summer and beginning work next Monday. What adventures this season will bring?