Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hey There Mister Blue

So I realized today that I DON'T have to work all night for Canada Day. I was quite bummed about the whole ordeal, as Canada Day usually involves a whole lot of rukus. So I looked at the PROPER schedule for this week only to see that I work 12-4 in the afternoon. My own stupidity has just made my day.

The atmosphere around me right now is fabulous. Kind of dark and cloudy, thunder rolling in the distance, fan on, window open with a hot breeze coming through, and a couple of birds chirping. A STORM'S A COMIN'!

There's nothing better than a good thunder storm. As much as I love sunny days, rain and lightning just make it all worth while. Plus it gets rid of that god-awful humidity in the air. Oh, here comes the rain. Better go play in it.

Guilty Pleasure of the Day: Kraft Dinner and boiled hot dogs. So wrong...but soooo right.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Like a Blister in the Sun

I don't care how gross it may seem, but peeling off skin from a sunburn is probably one of the most pleasurable things to do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hello City

Best first day of summer E-V-A.

With a high of 26 degrees Celcius, a trip to Blooming Point was planned. The goal was to get out there around 11:30am, but I met a few obstacles on the way. Tash was too sunburned to spend another day at the beach, but she had kindly cut up some watermelon for those of us who were going. So I went to her place to pick up the watermelon, stayed for 20 mins, soon realizing I was running a little late and had forgotten my purse. So off I go back down the Stratford road, with my foot a little heavy on the gas pedal, turn up and my street only to notice a cop car behind with its lights on. Oh shit, I thought, and it was even a woman cop so I couldn't even try to use the "I'm just a girl" approach.

-Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
-Me: "Speeding I assume."
-Cop: " I caught you doing 80 in a 50 zone."
-Me: "Sorry."
-Cop: "Did you also know your registration has expired?"
-Me: "No, it's my Mom's car."
-Cop: "Can I see your lisence?"
-Me: "Well...I was just on my way to get it actually. It's at my house just up the street."

So I'm speeding, have no registration, have no lisence. I was pretty sure I was fucked. Before she heads back to the car to run my name, she asks, "How do I know you?" We figure out she was at the Dunsford Family BBQ held last week and her 5 year old son tap danced for me and gave me his autograph. Sweet Island connections.

She lets me off with EVERYTHING, but making sure I know that I would have otherwise got over 200$ worth of fines. I must have been wearing my lucky bathing suit.

So despite that little delay, the day was wonderful. Laid on the sand, swam and snorkelled for a bit, ate ice cream at Jewell's, played mini-golf, ate BBQ steak and drank beer...all in great company. Pics can be seen HERE.

Great way to start off the summer.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

It's a Kind of Magic

Look at those pea plants go! So cute they are. Everything is well on it's way now in Ye Ole Garden. The carrots and spinach have broke through the soil, the green beans, peas, and radishes are maturing rapidly. Oh the abundance of radish I will have. Is radish a word like sheep? Does one say radishes or just radish when referring to more than one radish? Anywho, I dont even know why I planted radish. I mean,it's a nice addition to a salad but you'd never just pop a radish into your mouth to snack on would you? And now I have two rows of them. Well if anyone wants any, please let me know. I will give them to you.

Other than that the weekend's been good. Despite the weather. Lots of great company. I got to witness the Colonel Gray prom parade where everyone tries to out-do each other in modes of transportation. There was the Cavendish Trolley, fire engines, Gators, motorcycles, a pepsi truck, hummers, and an 18-Wheeler with a flat bed and a band playing on it. Sheesh, I think I walked to my prom. It was funny to watch the 18-wheeler get stuck on the road for about a 1/2 hour holding up lots of traffic. Good laughs were had.

Well, that's it for now folks. I leave you with this realization of the week:

It's dang near impossible to pass world 4 of Mario Brothers 2 while intoxicated. I will get past those sperm whales someday.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Bad-Ass Mother G.I Joe

Guess what I did today? Nope. Not that. Not that either. Give up you say? OK. I went to the Public Library! Kinda sounds sad, eh? That going to the library was my highlight of the day so far. Don't feel bad for me though. I thouroughly enjoyed it. However I think I set my expectations too high. It's pretty much the same as it always has been. Except there are more computers. The book selection isn't great. After using the UPEI library for so long, it makes the Confed library look shatty.

Either way, it was still enjoyable and I rented out Robinson Crusoe. Dad read me this book when I was little (except it was a shortened kid version) and I loved it. Dad always read me books before bed in hopes to make me fall asleep easier. It had the reverse effect though. Dad would eventually start to trail off and start snoring in mid-sentence. Then I'd have to wake him up and send him to bed.

OH YES. As Christopher and I walked through the Confed Center to the biblioteque, we stopped in at Mavor's to see Sidney. That was also my first time seeing the new restaurant! And OMG...I love it! The carpet, the chairs, the placemats, the fireplace, the stools, the's beautiful! I want my dining room to look like that. And the menu looks great and is well-priced. I love eating out, and Mavor's is SO the next destination.

Oh, it's pouring rain out.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

We Should Have Each Other to Tea, Huh?

I have just returned home from a 2-day stay in Shediac, N.B at my Grandparents cottage. Mom drove the two of us over as I read her Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While I was there, I realized I had forgotten how comical my Grandparents really are. Not only are they funny and witty, but observing their behaviour is absolutely hilarious.

Grammy is an extremely bossy woman, who gets her way. All. The. Time. You do not mess with this woman. She takes no shit. I was actually scared of her when I was little. But then I came to appreciate it and she soon then favored me since I am the oldest grandchild. When her and Grampy have arguments (almost always very petty ones), Grammy always wins. Even if we know Grampy was right, you just let her win, and flash Grampy a secret victory smile.

Grampy has a wide selection of really bad jokes, that I always end up laughing at while everyone else scoffs. He does a sweet Donald Duck impresssion. He is absolutely, positively whipped by Grammy. He consults most of his actions with Grammy before performing any of them. Example. Grampy and I were planting flowers in several pots during my stay, and we had come to some left over flowers and not quite sure how to arrange them. Any other person (like myself) would take the left-overs and arrange them as nicely as possible into the remaining pot. Grampy: "Better go ask the boss."

They crack me up. Grammy yells out "Jesus Christ!" in front of 18 of her church-dedicated lady friends, Grampy won't let anyone else load the dishwasher because he has a particular place for everything. The most organized person I have ever met.

I planned on taking pictures, but since Parlee beach is a two minute walk through the trees, I sided for the beach. However, here are some highlights from the trip:

-ate my first whole lobster, and enjoyed it.
-there was a wicked thunder and lightning storm that I sat through in the sun porch.
-Mom and I bought almost 50$ of Red Bull.
-I read over 400 pages from my book while I was there.
-saw a $14 million "cottage" being built on the shore. stupid rich kids.
-had, what I thought was a dead June Bug, stuck on my finger. I FREAKED.
-oh yeah. I went to bed at 9pm on Tuesday night.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Garden Update


The radishes have sprouted! As have the peas, but they are just barely surfacing.

More to Come!