Monday, January 31, 2005


Well an era of my life has come to an end. How weird it is. It was a good run though. I am super happy it happened and I have no regrets which makes this a lot easier than it could have been. I learned a lot about myself and things in general and I am very greatful and I would not change anything that happened for the world. Just now it is time to move on and see what else the world has to offer me. And this I am excited for. So excited I can't even contain myself most times. It seems strange to be so giddy for life. I'm excited for all the surprises that are going to happen in the next 10 years. Just think about it. Robyn and I went out for lunch the other day and just thought about things. Like trying to guess who out of our close group of girl friends is going to be knocked up first. Or married. And how freaky it is that we're at that age where it is not uncommon at all for that to happen. For some reason I can see Tash coming home with some foreign hunk, pregnant with triplets or something outrageous like that. I can see Tash with triplets.

So exciting things are to come but who knows what they really are. I wish they had previews for these kinds of things, but I guess that would ruin the fun wouldn't it? Well it's back to eating my homemade pea soup and bread. Yay for life!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Excuse Me Mister

Describe yourself using one band and answer using song titles from that band

Choose a band/artist: No Doubt
Are you male or female: Just a Girl
Describe yourself: Hella Good
How do some people feel about you: A Little Something Refreshing
How do you feel about yourself: Rock Steady
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Too Late
Describe where you want to be: Running
Describe what you want to be: New
Describe how you live: Brand New Day
Describe how you love: Sunday Morning
Share a few words of wisdom: You Can Do It

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Does anyone know why my MSN Messenger isn't working? Mr. Gates, this is not a nice thing to do to a girl on a storm day. Not nice at all.

The storm hasn't even begun, yet half the Island is closed down already. So even though I am fully capable of leaving the house and going anywhere, Paul Allan and his Magic 93 Storm Watch has made me feel like I am stuck within the walls of my house for the next two days. All I have to say is that this storm better be all it's being cracked up to be. Nothing is worse than having the storm hype actually bigger than the storm.

I am prepared for the next two days and have activities lined up for myself. I have a puzzle that is dying to be made, and a book that is dying to be finished. Oh yeah, and school work that I suppose I should look at. So if anyone likes making puzzles I suggest you get over here quick. I figure I should venture out into the storm at some point too. Make a fort. Climb some trees. Throw snowballs at Claire Jenkins as he plows our street.

Yep. Still no MSN. So....what's your favorite color? Yeah that is a good color, but me, I prefer green and orange. I still haven't been able to pick one over the other. This has been going on for years. Sometimes I think I like orange more than green, and sometimes I think I like green more than orange, but it always comes back to a tie. Maybe it's time I just combine the two. My favorite color is grorange.

Hmm what other pointless things could I talk about? Isn't it funny when you're in the state of almost sleeping but you're still kind of awake, and you're dreaming and then something funny happens in your dream and you laugh out loud (LOL for those who may not understand) and then wake yourself up? I do that so many times. It's even happened in class. Talk about embarassing. It makes you look like a goofball but it probably makes you look worse when you start to laugh at the fact that you laughed outloud in your sleep. Then everyone just thinks you're crazy. Kind of like when you fall or trip when walking by yourself. And then laugh at yourself. Once I tripped over a curb at a busy intersection in town and actually fell on my ass. I started laughing hysterically to myself and as I got up I walked into a tree. It hurt but it was so funny. I really hope someone saw it and laughed and maybe brightened up their day, because it sure brightened up mine.

Well I could ramble on for hours about things, but maybe I'll start my puzzle. Or my book. Either way, humor me and tell me your favorite color will ya?

Monday, January 10, 2005

It's Not Easy Being Green

I'm almost done being sick from this cold I've had for a week. I'm at that stage where I am coughing up lots of green globs. Nothing feels better than couching up a green glob. Then spitting it into the sink while being ever- so- proud of your body for being able to eject the bacteria that manufactured that green glob and watching it flow down the drain. Ahhh relief.

I really hate it though when the glob gets stuck somewhere between my lungs and my mouth while I'm trying to cough it out. I have this fear of not being able to breath, as I'm sure most people do considering the result would equal death, but this panic comes over me when the glob has only made it half way. Then I can't breathe properly due to the wedged glob and the fact that I'm panicking about dying from the wedged glob, and hot flashes proceed and a watering of the eyes. All it takes though is a good solid cough once I've mustered up enough air in my lungs, and POOT! Glob-be-gone.

Well, school's back in progress. Yippity Yee. I started training for the new Pizza Delight opening here in Stratford. Yippity Yee Yee. I'm actually quite excited. And 2 of my very good friends, Lisa and Devin, both of whom I have known since the wee age of 7, are working there too! The giddiness will never end. So for all who are interested, Pizza Delight will be open January 17th. My name is Ashley and I will be your server for this evening.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well another year has come and gone, which means that when I get back to school tomorrow I'll be slapping myself in the head at the beginning of each class, realizing that I had wrote the date wrong on the top of my paper. I always do that for the first few weeks of class. Of course those are the weeks where I feel it is very important to keep my notes neatly written. But at the first of a new year my pages are always topped with a scratched out date. Oh well. So like any other bored-to-death student who hasn't been in school for a month, or just me, I have made a top 5 list of the best and worst moments of my past year. It took me a while to do these. It is a very hard thing trying to think of outstanding moments from a whole year. Luckily, my "best" list was much easier than the "worst," so here it is:

1. Went on a scuba diving excursion to the British Virigin Islands and made some awesome friends and found one of my life passions. Also getting a sweet tan and bright blonde locks.

2. Passed biochemistry with flying colors! Well, it was flying colors to the close-to-failing student.

3. Had wonderful conversations with wonderful people and developed friendships with people I hope to never lose contact with. Ever.

4. Went to Quebec again to learn more Francais. And learned more I did! I lived with a very lovely family and they taught me lots of things about French, or shall I say Quebecois, culture.

5. Bachelorette Fest 2004. Must I say more.


1. Working at Sobey's. I hate big coorporations. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, the whole works. It wasn't the people who worked there because they were all great and friendly. It was just the whole business.

2. Throwing up. TWICE in one week! I threw up as you can read from my previous post. It was defintly one of the worst moments of the year. Or even my life.

3. I never seen a real life dolphin.

4. This probably a good thing, but I can't think of anymore bad times from the past year. I'm sure there were times well I felt less than great about something, but obviously nothing to bad enough to remember. So cheers to that!