Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Well, I've done it. I have perfected the art of absent-mindedness. Wanna hear about it? Of course you do. Today I am very frusterated. V frusterated as Christopher would say. The most frusterated I've ever been at myself. Yesterday, I am packing up the car with stuff from the cottage to take back home as work is almost finished. I have a large yoghurt container filled with all the coin I collected from my tips this summer. I am guessing approximately four hundred dollars worth of coin in that container. Could be more, I never counted it all. That was going to be my end of work surprise. So skip to this morning, and I am running around to all the dollar stores at 9am looking for coin rollers. I was counting the money today. Excitedely I walk in the door ready to count el dinero and it hits me. Flashback to yesterday. Where was the last place I remember placing the yoghurt money? On top of the car, the white Buick, I set the coin down to put the rest of the stuff inside. What the hell possessed me to do that? I KNOW the consequences to this action all to well. Except it's supposed to be a cappichino. Or a bag of Wendy's. NOT FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! Off I drove, singing my Ziggy Stardusts. Then somewhere along the way I remember a thud. The thud. I thought it was the golf clubs moving around in the trunk. Meh. Off I went.

It wasn't the golf clubs. It was the yoghurt money. Thud, smash, spill.

I have done everything I can to maybe find it however no luck yet. So let this be a lesson to us, but most importantly myself, to never EVER leave anything ever again on the roof of the car. If you are reaching to do such a thing, remember me and this story and take it away. Away I say!

Anywho, I am calmer now than I was this morning, and I have just indulged on some chocolate chip pancakes which always makes me cheer. And in this past week I have seen Sarah Harmer live in Summerside and saw the movie Wordplay at City. It was about the New York Times Crossword puzzle and the annual Crossword Puzzle Tournament they hold every year. It's much more intense and suspensful than one may think. So I can't get too down about my stupid money loss. Still though, no leaving things on the roof of the car. Ever.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Songbird Sweet and Sour Jane

Well well my beloveds, it's been some time non? I have been working like a machine, a machine I say! But it's all in great fun. I figure since I live out there, I may as well work as much as possible. So I've been trying to steal other people's shifts so that I end up working breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've been doing good so far. And of course I try to stay as long as possible so I can rake in the hours which equals raking in cash.

So due to this constant working thing, I have made myself accustomed to the Afternoon Nap. I, as in Ashley, have never been a napper, but now I can't go without my mid-day siesta. It happens mostly by accident. It's after my lunch shift and I lay in bed and read. Then the eyes start to drop, my hand starts to drop, and I eventually AND always lose my page in my book, and asleep I go. The dreams are fabulous at this time of day.

So I am home right now on my day off buzzing around this Internet thing, further preparing for my journey to Lord of the Rings Land. Today was spent with Ma checking out the Shellfish Festival (try saying it 5 times in a row) where we dined on Thai curries mussels, oysters, and seafood chowder. There was hearty old Irish music a-playing and we arrived just in time for the second heat of the Seafood Chowder Competition. We got to sample a couple but the hoards of people surrounding us waiting for samples kick started my claustrophobia. My claustrophobia of hungry old men wearing t-shirts that say "Where ya to Bye?" and hats that say "I Love Jesus." Regardless, the chowder was good, but not as delicious as Dalvay's.

Succeeding the Shellfish festival, we played tourists, and shopped the waterfront where How Bazaar is having a 1/2 off EVERYTHING sale! Glory be! And finished it off with supper at Churchill Arms where trivia was starting just as we arrived. Today was Good Timing Day. So we played trivia and ate. Curries and deep fried mars bars, oh my.

Well soon enough work will be done which I will miss. Many funny stories I have. One being, the groundskeeper finding my sandals on the golf green at the resort and hanging them in the restaurant kitchen hoping to find the owner. I claimed them back, only to be reminded of how they got there in the first place. Late night drunken twirling on the grass was the answer. How fun.