Thursday, August 25, 2005

Afternoons and Coffee Spoons

Oh hi there. Guess what?

I'm moving out! We finally found an apartment! Sheesh, it seemed to take forever. Christopher and I are going to be new roomies at 15 Belvedere Avenue. Right now I live on Jenkins Avenue. I like living on Avenues. I like the word Avenue.

Anyways, we were beginning to think that fate did not want us to live together as we were having the worst luck, but being the optimistic people we are, we figured that it there was a reason for all that bad luck and can only lead us to somewhere better.

It was a tough decision however, because there was also a duplex behind the Gahan House that we wanted as well. It was very cute, AND it had an attic. A fun one too. And narrow hallways, oooh how I love narrow hallways. But after realizing that there is no grocery store nearby, and all our money would probably go to nachos at the Gahan and to booze, since we'd practically be neighbors with every bar in town, we opted for the Belvedere. A wiser choice. Look at us being mature.

Belevedere is a more quiet building, which is good, hardwood floors, a BALCONY, and as Chris mentioned...a cute landlord. So September 1st we'll be moving in. If anyone has any furniture or kitchen stuff you want to donate or sell, we'll take you up on it, so drop me a line and I will gladly take it off your hands.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sun Breaks, I Can't Wait

Another humid day on ye fair Isle.

Last Sunday, Dad and I hit up the Blue Rodeo concert and I must say it was a great GREAT concert indeed! They rocked us out of our seats for "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" where the audience sang the whole first verse by ourselves. The whole band was just perfect. Smooth harmonies, a steel guitar, a kick ass piano player, and of course, Jim Cuddy himself. Oh how I want to birth his children. Or at least one night of hot sex.

Then Dad and I headed down to St.James Gate to listen to Mobile Preide and have some beers. I ordered their potato skins and Ooooh MY were they good! The Mobile Preide guys were FANTASTIC as well. Very very talented jazz musicians. I love watching Dad listen to jazz cause he gets so into it. The fake drum sticks in his hand, tapping an imaginary cymbal, and screaming out "YEAH" in a hearty voice after the bassist finishes his solo.

It was a great night of music all around and I'll be awaiting the next.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Runnin' Wild and Lookin' Pretty

One year ago today. I was there (see photo). Just arriving at the British Virgin Islands in the sweltering heat of 34 degrees celcius. At night. Ahh, how I would love to relive those 3 weeks over and over and over again.

However, a summer spent on PEI is always wonderful and never regretful. You take for granted how much of a little paradise it is here when you live here. My past weekend was spent realizing it, yet again, how much I love it here.

The 2nd annual Toga on the Beach was held at Blooming Point Saturday night. And what a great night it was. Drums beating to guitars which seemed to be playing every 20 feet, camp fires everywhere and people there for all the same reason: to play, sing, dance, and be merry. There was frolicing in the waves at midnight, fireworks, and a couple of sing-alongs led by yours truely! I played 3 or 4 songs on the guitar while people sang! Fun indeed! As the sun came up, we filtered out, tired and sandy to head home for a rest to prepare for...

Camping! Sunday afternoon a group of us headed out to Little Sands for a night of recovery and good ole fashioned camping. I got to use my new tent that I bought with my first paycheck from my new job and got to use my diving fins for the first time since I got them at Christmas. The drive out there was so nice. So many great color combinations and growth of plants. We huddled around the campfire for most of the night, eating copius amounts of hotdogs with plans of staying the for the whole next day but the weather proved to be less than enjoyful. But it was a great time had by all.

So thanks PEI for being so beautiful in the summer and providing us with great and interesting sources of entertainment. I will always return to live on your pretty red dirt no matter where I end up.

In other news, Dad just called to inform he got our Blue Rodeo tickets. Jim will be mine. OH will be mine.