Monday, May 22, 2006


Gone to Montreal for a week or so.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
But if you do, wait till I get home.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Uh Oh, Happy Learned How to Putt

As promised, I told Devin I would make a golf blog for him by 7pm. Done and done.

Robyn, Myself, Michelle, and Devin went golfing today. In that order too. We trucked out to Belfast Highland Greens for our first 9 holes of the season. And 9 holes is all we ever do. Robyn, Dev, and I have been golfing Belfast for the past 6 years. Have any of us improved the slightest? No. Maybe Devin a little. The world will be ending the day Robyn or I get single digit strokes on the first hole. It's always the three of us, as well as a guest for our fourth. Never seems to be the same person, but always a friend. If you're interested in being a fourth, let me know. It's pure entertainment.

We know the course inside and out. Literally. The amount of times we've searched the woods for our golfballs is countless. The goal for our games is never par. It's to make it to the end without losing one ball. Haha. Still waiting on that one. But another reason (and most important) why we love golfing so much is that we know we're going out to eat at the end. And by the time we finish up the 8th hole, our stomachs are growling! The anticipation killing us! If you know where Belfast greens are, then you know there is a restarant across the street. Since we've been golfing there, it has went through 5 different names. Each summer we await to see if it has changed. Firstly, The Selkirk Lobster Supper, Nana's, The Polly Lounge and Restaurant, The Nautical Winds, and finally, Christina's Country Cupboard. Christina's on her 2nd year in a row. Congrats. Today we broke the cycle though. We went to Gillis' Drive-In restaurant in Montague. So cheap. So good. And you don't even have to get out of the car.

So, again, since I have a new camera, I will be displaying another photo montage. Like Toad says in MarioKart 64...Here we GooOOoo!

Motoring at 140 kph. Robyn does not like being late. Tee-off time was 11am. It was 11am.

Who put the sex in golf? Vijay Singh did. That's who.

This was Michelle's first time golfing ever. She did fabulous. Even using the driver as a pitching wedge.

Oooee! So cute! It's the 6th hole tadpoles! And my wrinkley granny hand! The pond was littered with them! Mad frog spawning! He looked just like a frog except no limbs. And had a tail. Tiny little eyes. I put him not worry. But then a flamingo swooped down and ate him. Sorry bud.

Another ball search into woods.

Tout fini!

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Looking Through You, Where Did You Go?

Sooo being the technology whore that I am (or at least pretending to be), I bought myself a new camera. A Canon PowerShot A530 to be exact. I wanted to get an SLR, but a girl can only afford so much. So I settled with this one after being overwhelmed by selection and features. I do miss the simple days. Adjust aperture, focus, CLICK. Wait for the film. Tada! Though, these digital things are supposed to make life easier so I guess I shouldn't complain. Hmm...Or maybe I should. Christ, life isn't easy! I want a camera that gives me a challange damn it!

But I digress...So as a new owner of a new camera, I naturally had to test it out and took it for a walk in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. My yard. Please, indulge, as I walk you through my photos.

Here is a lovely little plant that grows every year aside of our deck. Lovely greens, non? I was impressed that the camera could focus in so close. Oh, I love technology...but not as much as you, you see...but I still love technology. Always and Forever.

Here is our quaint little flower bed, complete with Asian shrubery (not in picture). I love when the tulips open right up and you can see inside them. This shot also reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when she is tiny and stumbles across the singing flowers. And then they get angry at her and the daffodil blows his horn right in her face. That daffodil looks like he's doing the same. Bastard.
Ooh who's that sexy la...oh I mean, gosh damn! Whose ratty ass jeans are those! Honestly, who sews a crotch patch on their jeans!
Aww. There's my pretty. And by pretty, I mean pretty effin' slow! I kid, I kid. Well, she is slow when she's on the water, but she sails and that's all that matters. Should have thought twice before naming her the Grease Nugget.

So I guess blogger won't let me put any more pictures on so I'll have to cut my tour short. Although there was only one more picture left. And it was of a Yellow Rumped Warbler. I watched two of them flirt in one of the trees the hammock is connected to for about 25 minutes. Jeeze, I thought human courtship was bad enough to watch. They took bloody long enough. And I didn't even get to see them do it!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud

We all have them. Whether we want to admit it or not. Guilty guilty pleasures. You know those things that you hate to love? Those things you're too embarrased to let most people know about? Ideally you would have yourself hate that thing, but an emotion of pure bliss washes over you and you can not control your love for it. That, my friends, is true love.

I have been realizing some of my own guilty pleasures and reflecting on some of my older ones, and we really should not be ashamed of our guilty pleasures. As embarassing and silly as they may be, we should take pride in those things that makes us uncontrollably swoon.

Now what made me realize and reflect on these things is my most recently recognized guilty pleasure. Peake's Quay. I hate, hate, hate that I love this place. Even if I don't feel like going, I always end up having more than enough fun. One would think you would get tired of this place. The same bands all summer, who play the same songs all summer, most of the time the same faces and you are usually drinking the same drink. But the fun you have dancing to said songs, with those said people and drinking those said drinks, for some reason, makes me the giddiest person in the world. Maybe because it's summer. Maybe I just like having fun. Maybe I'm just in love with Joey Kitson.

So go ahead, love those things that make you blush. Embrace. Obsess.

I love S Club 7.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Got to Scrape That Shit Right Off Your Shoes

So I am moved back to my parents' house for a short month before I start my summer work. Naturally, my room is an absolute mess now because when you move, you tend to just chuck things into your room in no particular order. So now that everything is here, I have to begin the organizing process. This is what I have also pegged "The Purge." I am being ruthless and minimalizing as much as I can. I have realized I own so many things that I do not even need or use. It almost made me throw up a little in my mouth. Yard sale and give-aways are soon to come.

But the fun part about purging and going through your stuff, is finding little trinkets and boxes and things you've held on to through time. I have come across a few things that have made me laugh in this process. However, what has just made my day is a pink, flowery jewellery box I recieved from my Grammy when I was little. Assuming inside was a silver bracelet (or something of that sort), I opened it up. Inside lay three hockey cards. AND they are all rookie cards! What a find! I have no idea if these guys were any good or if these are worth any money, but it would be neat to find out.

  • Derian Hatcher- Minnesota North Stars
  • Igor Ulanov- Winnepeg Jets
  • Owen Nolan- Quebec Nordiques

Any sound familiar? Man, I'm gonna be so rich from my hockey cards. Anywho, it's been tiring yet fun with this whole purging business. Though I think I am taking longer than one may expect, but meh. Plus I get to dance around and blare the music right loud while I clean. Ya gotta love that.