Sunday, December 26, 2004

I'm a Rocketman

Short and sweet. That's how it always is. 3 months or more of Christmas buildup and anticipation just for a few hours of one day. It's kind of like an orgasm isn't it? With a lot of foreplay.

Christmas was good at the Dunsford residence. We all got well appreciated presents from each other. I, myself, received a new pair of scuba diving fins and they are so beautiful. And work like magic in the water. They may be viewed here. My bro also bought me a watch made for scuba diving. So I can dive the depths of the world and still know the time. I got my UFIT passes which makes me happy because after these past two days I'm gonna need it. I also got a subsciption to National Geographic. That makes me giddy. And to top it off, my Dad bought me Queen's Greatest Hits album. I have been complaining about it for a year since my brother lost it when he went to Montreal.

Back to the meals though. It really is amazing how much your stomach can hold and how you can still want more to eat after stuffing your face. It's a great thing. In the past 2 days I have eaten 4 LARGE meals with LARGE amounts of snacking on sweets in between. And I just wanna keep on eatin'.

Right now, my family and I have just returned from Moncton. We were supposed to stay the night, but with rumors of a blizzard tonight we decided to leave early. You know what I love about driving? Is the oppurtunity to listen to music along the way. It pretty much uninterupted unless someone has something to say and the volume must be lowered, but all in all, it's the best time to listen to tunes. And with our family, we tend to listen to a good variety along the way. Today I whipped out Queen to start off the journey, then it was Keb Mo, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Alanis Morrisette, and then back to Keb Mo. It was really just Dad and I listening as Ian was watching "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" on Mom's laptop, and Mom usually tries to drown out any sound of music in the car and constantly tells us to turn it down. Which works out fine with me since Dad and I have more similar tastes in music. And we both like to sing along.

So I'm back home and kind of wishing I had something to do. There's a couple bottles of wine upstairs that need to be finished and a lone Rev sitting on top of my fridge. I don't know if I am ready for a Rev yet, however, wine sounds fine with me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Wow. Being sick sucks. Especially with the flu. Do you all know that it has been 2 years since I have thrown up? And before that it was since grade 6? I think I have a phobia, but last night I couldn't stop it. I tried sleeping it away but come 4 am...the power pukage began. What an awful feeling eh? Those moments before you hurl? The cold sweat, the shakes, the acidy feeling in your esophagus. Not pleasant.

I only puked 3 times and it was all in a row. Today I have just been laying in bed with absolutely no energy whatsoever. Like when lying in bed watching TV, I could see the remote about 5 inches away from my hand and it took me about 20 minutes to muster up the energy to reach for it. And my skin is about 10 times more sensitive than normal. Rubbing my own arm almost hurts.

I have made it through the day and I feel a little better. I kinda want someone to nurse be back to health, but no one wants to go near a sick person. I ended up watching ridiculous shows today becaus of my lack of energy to change the channel. I would periodically wake up during a "Hawaii Five-O" Marathon. Saw some "Golden Girls," and "American Justice," the most TV I've watched in months I'm sure.

Well enough complaining, I'll get better soon. I just gotta eat my bananas and drink my orange juice. Oh yeah, and maybe bathe myself too.

Monday, December 06, 2004

They're After Me Lucky Charms

Is there really a more perfect food than cereal? I could eat cereal all friggin' day. So many varities, so many endless possiblities.

You can eat it crunchy, with freshly poured milk on top of it or you can let it sit for a few minutes and let it get soggy. It's really up to you. You can eat it without milk and bring it to school in a ziplock bag and snack on it through out the day.

It's 7:20am Monday morning and it has dawned on me justhow much I love cereal. It gives me that kick in the morning. Its great to eat while reading the morning paper and doing the crosswords and cryptoquote. And the Jumble. You always have to do the Jumble.

The great thing about my house, is that we've always had a great selection of cereal in the cereal cupboard. We have the healthy stuff always accompanied by a box or two of sugary not-so-good stuff. Like right now we have Special K, Shredded Wheat, Rice Krispies then Apple Cinnamin Cheerios and Corn Pops! I love Corn Pops. And as always, the sugary stuff goes first (in like 2 days) then we are left with the healthy stuff. Which is always good. I enjoy the healthy stuff just as much. The Corn Pops and etc. are treats. Very welcomed treats. What I have noticed in some people's house is the lack of choice in cereal cupboards. I suppose some people just don't have the same passion for cereal. They will have one box of cereal in the cupboard. ONE! And it's always Raisin Bran or All Bran. You know it is. But don't get me wrong. I adore them both, but what does that say about someone's character when that's all they have in they're cereal cupboard? At least you know they are keeping regular.

My favorites you ask? all time favorite cereal ever is Multigrain Cheerios. So perfect in every way. If you haven't experienced them, you must. Close seconds are Corn Pops, Corn Flakes, Lucky Charms (which only appear in the cupboard maybe once a year), Cinnamin Toast Crunch and Puffed Rice/Wheat/Corn. I love them all really. I even love that Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter Cereal. So bad for you, but oh so good.

My father, David Wayne, is the grocery shopper of the house and is always up for experimentation. Although he is not a huge cereal fan himself. But when he sees a new product out on the shelves, it usually ends up in our cupboard. I'd like to believe that I know my cereal.

So if you are reading this post, I would be thouroughly enthralled if you left a comment on YOUR favorite cereal, and why. So don't be shy, leave a comment!