Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Crazy For This Little Lady

You know Nature, it's not very pleasant biking to work in the rain and wind. It's not even very nice biking when there are puddles on the ground. If you are going to punish us with the snow and ice we will be recieving within the next few months, may I suggest offering us some sunshine until then. Is it really that much to ask?

In other news, after owning my bike for many years, I've finally found a name for it. The Ladybug Express. Why you wonder? Well everyday at work I lock my bike at the front steps for the day. When I unlock my bike after work there are always 3-4 lady bugs sitting on the rack at the back of my bike. I take them for the ride home and by morning they have fluttered away. Then the next day there are new ones. I wonder if I am some kind of underground railroad for ladybugs. Maybe I'm taking them closer to thier ultimate destination. Where ever that is.

Also if you are ever walking up Prince Street, you should look at the sidewalk as you walk. I noticed there were copius amounts of dead, squashed ladybugs. And even a lot of them still alive walking on the ground. Downtown seems like an odd place to be a ladybug. I've really only noticed it this year. Usually they are frequent at the beach or in fields.

Oh well. I don't mind all these ladybugs. They are the only insect I will allow to crawl on me. And just to think that they are related to June Bugs.


Monday, September 19, 2005

You're It

Apparently I've been "tagged" by my good friend Luke so I have to follow suit...

Twenty Things About Me

1. Used to be in ballet
2. Never haven taken a puff of a cigarette
3. Have a guilty pleasure for celebrity gossip
4. Would like to live in a house made of Stucco
5. Have eaten a dog biscuit
6. Love the show "How's It Made" on Discovery
7. Want the complete Roald Dahl collection
8. Enjoy getting older
9. Like building things
10. Chai latte from Timothy's is hot beverage of choice
11. Thoroughly enjoy photography
12. Visual learner
13. Have a birthmark that looks like a butterfly
14. Never had my ears pierced
15. Love to dance
16. Want to work on a sheep shearing farm
17. Oak tree leaves are my favorite shaped leaf
18. Have a hornet's nest on my balcony at my apartment
19. Wonder if I talk too much
20. Think it is amazing how fast the cells inside your cheek can reproduce

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Toast, Toast, Toast

I love toast. We finally got a toaster for the apartment. It's the kind like on cartoons when it's done toasting it POPS out of the toaster. It's fun.

You can eat toast at any time of day and you can do many things with toast. I like mine with either just butter or just peanut butter or butter with jam or jelly. My favorite jam is raspberry. I purchased the raspberry jam they have in a big tub at the Bulk Barn. It's really really really good. Probably in the top 2 of best jams.

There's also French Toast and Tuna Toast. Some of you may not know what Tuna Toast is. Dad used to make it all the time for lunch and still does when we want something quick and tasty. One can of tuna, one can of cream of mushroom, mix together and microwave for 5 minutes. Make toast with butter and pour the tuna/mushroom mix on top. Pure deliciousness. My Nanny made it for Dad and his brothers and sisters and Dad made it for us. It's an ol' Dunsford tradition now by the looks of it. Oh yes, and you can't eat it without a side of peas. There must be peas.

So now my breakfast will be complete with our new toaster. I can toast all day if I want. Toast is one of those words that after you say it so many times and begins to lose it meaning. Toast. Toast. Toast. What is toast? Toast. Haha. Oh toast. Would it be mean to name your child Toast? Maybe a middle name. Hey, toast is a verb AND a noun. Neat-o. You don't come across those very often. Be proud toast. Be proud. Oooh I can toast bagels now too!

Don't get me started on bagels.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Good Rocky's Revival

In 1 hour and 45 minutes I will be sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor. Oh. My. I can't wait. I have been waiting for this moment for at least 6 months. My eye sight has worsened over the past 2 years since I got my last perscription, with my contacts and/or my glasses, I cannot see everything. Blurs. And I hate not being able to see. I loathe my eyes.

I was always a fan of the eye doctor. Mine's a girl and she's pretty cool. However I'm not the biggest fan of the test they do to you before you go to the doctor's actual office. You set your chin on a holster and stare into a hole with one eye. A picture of a hot air balloon. Oooh it looks so pretty. Oh, there it goes. In and out of focus. But aaah, still so pretty. Than BAM with no warning, nothing, a puff of air gets shot into your eye. It's like the finger pricker at the doctor's office...unnotified momentary uncomfortableness...it's probably for the best I guess. But then you have to do it with your other eye, so this time you know its coming. You nervously stare at the hot air balloon. It doesn't seem as pretty as the first time. And there it goes again. You put your glasses back on with a disgruntled face and wait for the real doctor.

The room is always so soothing. Dim lights and a comfy chair, you sit there as you're tested on different lenses to see which one make the letter "E" on the opposite wall the clearest. Then there's some sort of magical tool where she hovers around my eye, only inches away, looking for trolls inside my eye. I always want to laugh when she does it just cause she's so friggin' close to my face.

So this morning I will get my new glasses perscription, and hopefully some new contacts and then I get to pick out a new frame! The excitement just doesn't end! Soon I will be able to everything, as I fear my eyesight is so bad that my new lens will give me x-ray vision.
A girl can only dream.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rodeo Clowns

So here we are. That's me and Christopher, new roomies, living in an unofficial seniors complex. There are young people here, but most of them are least 60+. But my word are they ever sweet! I've never felt so welcome! The day I started moving, and old man came up to me,instantly filling me in on who lives below, beside, and above me. I'd say this guy is the gossip mill of this place. Below me lives Etta, a TINY tiny 87 year old woman who has no car yet will not let anyone park in her parking spot in case she gets visitors. Everyone is very friendly.

I really like it here though, it's quiet, spacious, and the water pressure is great. Christopher and I have yet to be in the apartment at the same time, other than when we were moving. But soon enough we will be here for good, without a car, having sleepovers in THE BED!

But hey, if yous are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by for a visit. We like people.