Monday, July 31, 2006

Going Toe to Toe With an Enchantress

In the words of Dr. Dan Ryan from the statistics department at UPEI, "FANTASTIC!" It all started with getting ID'ed at the Stratford Liquor Store. I never get Id'ed there. But I did have Anne of G.G pigtails in so I knew I looked about 17. But not only did they ID me, she looked at me and my lisence closely, THEN asked me my birthday. "October 24 1983 bitches!" I said. Minus the bitches. I felt illegal. I think it was the pigtails. So Friday evening I attended the Carmen Townsend/ Tom Fun Orchestra/ Slowcoaster show at Myron's. Holy hell was it wicked! Dave and I sprinted in the rain to make sure not miss out on the FUN. The Fun of Tom. His middle name is So.

Just in time, we hit the dance floor immediately. And for serious, we didn't stop. It was just a wild and wacky dancapalooza. Tom Fun had 9 members on stage, and Carmen would pop over once and a while to join in. Instruments everywhere. Nerdy violin players. Tambourine a-shakin. Awesome Alicia Penny. Oh the beauty of so many instruments playing together at once. Then Slowcoaster played, and the night of music was complete. Complete now that I have a Slowcoaster drum stick. Complete knowing that you can, indeed, hotbox a motorcycle helmet. Ha.

As for Myron's, I am sad for its current state. Because it truely is a great venue for music and entertainment. It proved itself well during the ECMA's for the 72-hour Jam, and they play host to great musical events such as this. But only once in a while do they occur. Myron's needs to revamp. Get a facelift. Get a new vibe going. It is a terrible waste of great space in our city's core.

As for this week, D. Dubs and I have tickets for the Barenaked Ladies concert which should be fun. Last time I saw them I was in grade 4 and they yet written that god damn chimpanzee song. Hopefully they have forgotten how to play that one. Either way, I will have my box of KD and dijon ketchup ready to go.

OH and our first celebrity stayed at the hotel this week. Gord Downy and his fam! Wagga!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sugar Dates...Sugar Dates and Pistachios

Back in le ville. Work is at its peak busyness. Or is it business? Technically it should be business, but is that spelling only reserved for the referal of an activity that a person is engaged in? Dictionary says "busyness." You win again.

ANYWAYS, my money is a-saving in preparation for my journey to New Zealand next year. Living at work with no where to spend money is working out fabulously. It just collects. I do spend quite a bit of time by myself which is a change for sure, but fun. However as a result (as many have witnessed) I tend to NOT shutup when I unite with my friends. Constant stream of words, no breathing, just talking.

So with no real organized thoughts I will use some bullets and provide you with a list of revelations and new observations. God loves the list.

  • This is the first time in the history of Me, that I have run out of both shampoo AND conditioner at the exact same time.
  • I love the sound of empty mussel shells being dumped out of a bowl and into the compost. Tied with the sound of someone biting a pickle.
  • I may, JUST MAY, have gotten over my girly fear of earwigs. Don't hold me to that one though until I've found one in my bed.
  • Read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Alice is over-the-top. I love her. She is neurotic. If she existed today she definitely would be on Ritalin or visiting a child therapist. Probably both. I'd love to see how she turned out.
  • Disney no longer makes hand-drawn musical cartoons and this saddens me. Remember The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King? Where their cartoon lives would pause and the town/jungle/kitchen settings would break out into song? The antagonists and protagonists would even collaborate to make a great tune, even if they were out to get each other. Music really does bring the people together.
  • I apologize for the rain dance I performed Thursday night.
Also, you get points if you guess correctly where the title of this post is from. Luke, you can't play.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just One Note Could Make Me Float

So slow they are. Just floating, pulsating, catching the current. They cannot see, they cannot hear. They are not out to get me. But in my mind, and many others, they ARE out to get me. Those god damned Jellyfish (Bloodsuckers some may say) are out there to ruin all my fun.

I don't even know why I let them bother me so much. Back in the days of sailing school, I used to jump in the harbor and swim through loads of them, stinging me head to toe. It really doesn't hurt all that much. But just the look of them. Their non-chalent attitude, knowing they hold the fears of most beach-goers. Fears that are somewhat comparable to Jaws when it comes to ocean swimming. I know I'd rather run into a shark than have a Jellyfish in the face. Slimy fuckers.

The ones with the long tentacles are the worst! I get creeped out anyways by things that are unproportionally too long. You know those clowns on stilts? Daddy Long Legs? That episode of Pinky and Brain where Brain wore stilts under a pair of jeans to try and take over the universe once again? Yeah, all that freaks me out a little. Long tentacles give me that same eerie vibe. And especially seeing them floating. Blech. As Chrissie Hyndes put it, don't get me wrong, I love the ocean and all its creatures, but seriously Jellies, get on with the mass suicide and beach yourselves already.